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The real history of pizza and Hawaiian pizza starts in Italy. Or Greece. Perhaps Egypt? There are good arguments for each, depending on how we define pizza. Starting with the loose yet scientific definition of “some kind of flat bread with stuff on it,” we know that pizza dates back to at least the 1st Century B.C., when the Roman poet Virgil wrote,

Their homely fare dispatch’d, the hungry band

Invade their trenchers next, and soon devour,

To mend the scanty meal, their cakes of flour.

Ascanius this observ’d, and smiling said:

“See, we devour the plates on which we fed.”

Even earlier (circa 500 B.C.), Persian soldiers baked a flatbread on their shields which they then covered with cheese and dates. I think, however, that if I went with this theory and walked around saying “pizza was invented in Iran,” I’d be starting arguments that I’d rather not have.

But does it count as a kind of pizza if it’s cooked out in the field and not in an oven? Let’s call it flatbread and move on…

So, you want to know the real pizza origin? Let’s see: the Egyptians made a flatbread, the Indians baked naan in hot Tandoori ovens… but neither of these had toppings. The Persians had toppings, but was it pizza?

The ancient Greeks had a flat bread called plakountos, on which they placed various toppings, and we know also that Naples was founded (as Neopolis) by the Greeks. And Naples is the home of the modern pizza and Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant is the home of the taro flour crust Hawaiian pizza.

Of course, in the ancient world, Naples was part of Rome — as was its neighbor, Pompeii. And pizza ovens were all over Italy, even back then.


Hawaiian Pizza

Big Hawaiian Pizza from Longboard Legends Pizza in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I think we can agree now that ancient pizza is a toss-up, ‘middle’ pizza was Greek, and modern pizza (pre-American) was definitely Italian — Neapolitan, even! And American pizza –or rather Hawaiian Pizza made from taro flour crust made by Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant is in Kona Hawaii! Call our Kailua Kona Pizza restaurant at 1-808-327-2211

Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant Helps Hawaii’s Homeless With Pizza Sales!

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 Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant and More Than Sport Teamed Up Together to help the hungry of Hawaii.

Longboard Legends Pizza’s Management announced they would GIVE A MEAL for every purchase of all their Pizza Slices sales to help Hawaii’s Hungry on October 6, 2015. Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant owners, the Liebelt Family said they’ve always admired the “More Than Sport” and the work they do helping Hawaii’s Hungry .


Karen Liebelt the manager, said they’re thrilled to be able to give to an organization that has given so much and done so much good over the years. Karen and Stephanie Liebelt, said anyone who purchases from Longboard Legends Pizza, The Home Of The Only Taro Flour Crust Pizza Pie, will now know not only do they get the best “Taro Flour Pizza Crust Which Really Makes the Toppings Pop” and is also “Good For Gluten Sensitive Consumers, they’ll also be helping Hawaii’s hungry population.

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Endless Summer Pizza

Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant was founded in 2014 and serves the local Kailua-Kona Pizza Restaurant industry. It is known for being The Home of the Largest 28″ Taro Flour Crust Pizza Pie. The Liebelt Family operates the only known taro flour crust pizza restaurant in Hawaii. Longboard Legends Pizza’s, goal is to serve food using the freshest ingredients from the islands. Their dough has Hawaiian milled taro flour, and their salads and pizza toppings include fresh locally grown vegetables and house smoked meats. Their desserts are made in house as well as their signature beverages. Having been in the restaurant business for three generations, the Liebelt family has always been in the hospitality business. Owner Rob Liebelt knew he wanted to have his own pizza restaurant, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant was opened as a result. http://longboardlegendspizza.com 1-808-329-2211

Longboard Legends Pizza The Best Pizza Restaurant In Kona Hawaii

Pizza Restaurant Longboard Legends Pizza

Pizza is a dish of Neapolitan origin and cuisine, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference.


I started wondering, is my taste in pizza completely skewed especially after trying Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant in Kailua Kona, Hawaii?? My preference is probably closest to a NY-style pizza from the pizza restaurants, a crispy charred but softly pliable crust, not too much sauce, more emphasis on cheese, cheese that drips off the sides of the slice, where it makes a stretchy mess as you pull your slice away from the pie, so much that you have to ravel it up. An outer crust that is crispy but still bread-like and bubbly, that I don’t mind finishing off with them. (I hate being left with hard crackers at the end).

Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant

It’s the kind of pizza that I would get late night at college, or at the cool teenage hang out after school, usually a pizza restaurant that doesn’t have much decor, but the charm of fluorescent lights, a TV with the game on, and Italian guys loudly busting on each other behind the counter. I’ve usually been able to get this type of pizza at any nearby pizza restaurant.

Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant

A lot of the pizza restaurant recommendations I’ve gotten were places with super thin crusts, a restrained scattering of cheese, and skinny slices. Is this what’s considered “good”? I saw a lot of reviews that complained about overly oily, overly cheesy pizza, which to me, is part of the nostalgia of eating pizza. So out of curiosity, what is it that makes a good pizza to you? A clean simple sauce or super garlicky sauce? More sauce than cheese, or more cheese than sauce? Cracker-thin crusts or crusts with some air bubbles? Floppy fold-able slices or perky and straight? Share “What makes a good pizza, to YOU? Just leave a comment, or tweet @LLPizza, or leave a post on our FB Fan Page. longboardlegendspizza.com 1-808-329-2211

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Best Pizza in Kailua-Kona That Is The Number One In Kona Is Longboard Legends Pizza

 Best Pizza in Kailua-Kona

Pizza is one of the world’s most perfect foods. But some of the things we love best about a good pie—charred crust, chewy dough, and oh! the toppings!—are the hardest to nail in our home kitchens.

Here’s the good news: You can bake a pizza parlor-worthy pie at home. But first, ask yourself this: Are you making these common pizza mistakes? When It Comes to Salt, a Pinch Is Plenty“Without salt, flour doesn’t taste like much,” Perry explains. And since pizza dough is made from, um, flour, it’s imperative you season the dough well; most home cooks err on the side of caution when it comes to seasoning, leaving the dough as little more than a vehicle for the toppings. You can scale back the amount of salt in your dough—though not too much—if your pizza is about to get hit with anchovies, olives, and Parmesan.

Do not roll out your dough with a rolling pin. The bubbles take a beating under a rolling pin, leaving the finished product dense and tough. Instead, think light and gentle, and work with your hands to pull and stretch the dough out to your desired size. If the dough proves impossible to work with—snapping back when stretched, for instance—it’s either been overworked or is too cold. Let it sit at room temperature for a full 15 minutes to let the gluten relax and the temperature rise before trying again.

Best Pizza In Kailua-Kona Is Longboard Legends Pizza


“Pizza is a wild animal. Give it time to do its thing,” adds Perry. Ready to make the best pizza magic yourself? Or just let the best pizza in Kailua-Kona Longboard Legends Pizza create your customized pizza for you and forget about what to do next as you will always get a perfect pizza and the best pizza in Kailua-Kona. Lot’s of people LOVE Longboard Legends Pizzas’ and would vote it the best pizza in Kona, Hawaii.
Longboard Legends Pizza is made from taro flour which makes the toppings taste pop in flavor! Call for the best pizza in Kailua-Kona 1-808-329-2211 longboardlegendspizza.com

Longboard Legends Pizza And History of Pizza

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Pizza is a baked pie of Italian origin consisting of a shallow
bread-like crust covered with seasoned tomato sauce, cheese, and often
other toppings such as sausage or olive. The word pizza
is believed to be from an Old Italian word meaning “a point,” which in
turn became the Italian word “pizzicare,” which means “to pinch” or
The pizza could have been invented by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans,
or anyone who learned the secret of mixing flour with water and heating it on a hot stone.


Longboard Legends Pizza


In one of its many forms, pizza has been a basic part of
the Italian diet since the Stone Age. This earliest form of pizza was a
crude bread that was baked beneath the stones of the fire. After
cooking, it was seasoned with a variety of different toppings and used
instead of plates and utensils to sop up broth or gravies. It is said
that the idea of using bread as a plate came from the Greeks who ate
flat round bread (plankuntos) baked with an assortment of toppings. It
was eaten by the working man and his family because it was a thrifty and
convenient food.

Longboard Legends Pizza SOD


19th Century
In the late 19th century, pizza
was sold in the streets in Naples at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It
was cut from a large tray that had been cooked in the baker’s oven and
had a simple topping of mushrooms and anchovies. As pizza became more
popular, stalls were set up where the dough was shaped as customers
ordered. Various toppings were invented. The stalls soon developed into
the pizzeria, an open-air place for people to congregate, eat, drink,
and talk.


Pizza has an interesting history and it is a favorite among many cultures and especially at Longboard Legends Pizza where they have created pizzas using the Hawaiian Taro Flour for the crust which is actually healthier than the white flour. Come and dine in or take out by calling 1-808-329-2211