Best Pizza in Kailua-Kona That Is The Number One In Kona Is Longboard Legends Pizza

 Best Pizza in Kailua-Kona

Pizza is one of the world’s most perfect foods. But some of the things we love best about a good pie—charred crust, chewy dough, and oh! the toppings!—are the hardest to nail in our home kitchens.

Here’s the good news: You can bake a pizza parlor-worthy pie at home. But first, ask yourself this: Are you making these common pizza mistakes? When It Comes to Salt, a Pinch Is Plenty“Without salt, flour doesn’t taste like much,” Perry explains. And since pizza dough is made from, um, flour, it’s imperative you season the dough well; most home cooks err on the side of caution when it comes to seasoning, leaving the dough as little more than a vehicle for the toppings. You can scale back the amount of salt in your dough—though not too much—if your pizza is about to get hit with anchovies, olives, and Parmesan.

Do not roll out your dough with a rolling pin. The bubbles take a beating under a rolling pin, leaving the finished product dense and tough. Instead, think light and gentle, and work with your hands to pull and stretch the dough out to your desired size. If the dough proves impossible to work with—snapping back when stretched, for instance—it’s either been overworked or is too cold. Let it sit at room temperature for a full 15 minutes to let the gluten relax and the temperature rise before trying again.

Best Pizza In Kailua-Kona Is Longboard Legends Pizza


“Pizza is a wild animal. Give it time to do its thing,” adds Perry. Ready to make the best pizza magic yourself? Or just let the best pizza in Kailua-Kona Longboard Legends Pizza create your customized pizza for you and forget about what to do next as you will always get a perfect pizza and the best pizza in Kailua-Kona. Lot’s of people LOVE Longboard Legends Pizzas’ and would vote it the best pizza in Kona, Hawaii.
Longboard Legends Pizza is made from taro flour which makes the toppings taste pop in flavor! Call for the best pizza in Kailua-Kona 1-808-329-2211