Longboard Legends Pizza Is Very Unique


Longboard Legends Pizza Margarita pizza artichoke & black olives.

Welcome to Longboard Legends Pizza, our goal is to serve food using the freshest ingredients from the islands. The home of the only 28″ Taro Pizza Pie. Our dough has Hawaiian milled taro flour, and our salads and pizza toppings include fresh locally grown vegetables and house smoked meats. Our desserts are made in house as well as our signature beverages.

Longboard Legends Pizza SpaghettiDinnerwithGarlicCheeseBread

Longboard Legends Pizza serves spaghetti with garlic bread, chicken wings barbeque and hot wings, super fresh salads, awesome Kona mud pie and fudge sundaes, and the biggest and best selections of Pizza Pie in the state of Hawaii at a huge 28″ pie that requires a custom made pizza carry home container!  


Having been in the restaurant business for three generations, the Liebelt family has always been in the hospitality business. From a young age Owner Rob Liebelt knew he wanted to have his own restaurant, following in the footsteps of this father and grandfather. Longboard Legends Pizza was opened as a result. Owners Robby, Zack, Stephanie, Vern and Karen Liebelt have opened Longboard Legends Pizza offering creative selections of pizza, salads, sliders and desserts.

Longboard Legends PIzza is the best in Hawaii

All sausages and pepperoni are homemade. The Liebelt family has owned restaurants in Oregon and Dad Vern is the Chef at the University of the Nations. Longboard Legends Pizza is located in Alii Plaza (next to Lemongrass) and is open 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Please call to pick up or dine in at 1-808-329-2211