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Pizza Restaurant Longboard Legends Pizza

Pizza is a dish of Neapolitan origin and cuisine, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference.


I started wondering, is my taste in pizza completely skewed especially after trying Longboard Legends Pizza restaurant in Kailua Kona, Hawaii?? My preference is probably closest to a NY-style pizza from the pizza restaurants, a crispy charred but softly pliable crust, not too much sauce, more emphasis on cheese, cheese that drips off the sides of the slice, where it makes a stretchy mess as you pull your slice away from the pie, so much that you have to ravel it up. An outer crust that is crispy but still bread-like and bubbly, that I don’t mind finishing off with them. (I hate being left with hard crackers at the end).

Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant

It’s the kind of pizza that I would get late night at college, or at the cool teenage hang out after school, usually a pizza restaurant that doesn’t have much decor, but the charm of fluorescent lights, a TV with the game on, and Italian guys loudly busting on each other behind the counter. I’ve usually been able to get this type of pizza at any nearby pizza restaurant.

Longboard Legends Pizza Restaurant

A lot of the pizza restaurant recommendations I’ve gotten were places with super thin crusts, a restrained scattering of cheese, and skinny slices. Is this what’s considered “good”? I saw a lot of reviews that complained about overly oily, overly cheesy pizza, which to me, is part of the nostalgia of eating pizza. So out of curiosity, what is it that makes a good pizza to you? A clean simple sauce or super garlicky sauce? More sauce than cheese, or more cheese than sauce? Cracker-thin crusts or crusts with some air bubbles? Floppy fold-able slices or perky and straight? Share “What makes a good pizza, to YOU? Just leave a comment, or tweet @LLPizza, or leave a post on our FB Fan Page. longboardlegendspizza.com 1-808-329-2211

Longboard Legends Pizza Is Unique Pizza

Discover Longboard Legends Pizza in Kona today.

As there had previously not been any premium pizza place in Kona, Pizza Hut had longed held the vote for best pizza in town. But there is a new kid on the block called Longboard Legends Pizza Kona and they are swiftly winning the hearts of the locals.

Longboard Legends Pizza Aficionados Liebelt Ohana


The owner of this pizza shop comes from a family of restaurant owners and started his career as an assistant manager at a New York style pizzeria when he was still in high school. They wanted to offer something truly special and as part of that effort, they smoke their own meat and make ingredients for their food fresh each day.

If you check on the internet, in the short time this restaurant has been open it has received rave reviews in every category. One man reported that when they placed their order they wanted three pizzas. One of this pizzas was a vegetarian and even though such a pizza was not on the menu, the restaurant personnel agreed to prepare one anyway. According to the reviewer, all the pizzas were completely delicious. He also said that even though they special made the veggy pizza for them, that it was ready perfectly on time to the time promised.

This food is made with taro which is a root plant and is completely gluten free. The pizza crust is made from this and it is delicious and highly nutritious. It is milled in Hawaii.

They cure their own sausages and ham and the sauce is a house special that uses garlic, basil and olive oil along with other ingredients. From the atmosphere, to the genuine effort to be courteous, fast and to serve only the best and freshest pizza, the owner and its staff are setting the pace for the best pizza in Kona.

In addition to the taro pizzas that come with house sauce, meats that are smoked on premises and a friendly staff, this restaurant also serves calzones, garlic cheese bread sticks, salad and even fresh made desserts.

Many of the reviews talk about the size of the pizzas. They offer a choice of ten inch, twenty inch and the gargantuan twenty eight inch size. Many say that the medium size is the extra-large in other pizza places. Many say that the restaurant is exceptionally clean and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Longboard Legends Pizza Kona Huge Large

If you go on a nice day, they have seating outside which can often add to the experience. As of the writing of this article they do not have their alcohol license, but I am sure that is on its way. There is no question that anyone in the area should try this fine pizza restaurant.  Please visit our website at longboardlegendspizza.com  and or call 1-808-329-2211 ahead for pickup or dine in.